Griffith Observatory


OIL ON CANVAS | 24” x 48”

THE Griffith Observatory is likely the most recognizable monument in Los Angeles. I learned about it after watching the movie musical “La La Land” and decided to see it for myself. What is the most impressive aspect from this view is the linear perspective observed across the streets over a perfectly flat plane.




OIL ON CANVAS | 24″ x 48″A Hidden gem right outside the Cinque Terre, Portovenere is only accessible by ferry. Well worth the trip to try the seafood and cured cold cuts during the summer.


Wai O Tapu
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OIL ON CANVAS | 24″ x 48″ | April 16th, 2017
WAI-O-TAPU Is one of the most impressive natural wonders of New Zealand, located in the North Island near Rotorua City. It consists of numerous lakes and ponds with distinct colors due to its abnormally rich mineral content that make up this geothermal park.


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IN the outskirts of Cusco, Peru, therein lies the Sacred Valley where ancient farming techniques use terraces to irrigate the mountainous terrain to produce potato, quinoa, and corn. To this day, workers use terraced flat pools to collect river streams rich in minerals. Water evaporates off the under the bright sunlight to yield some of the highest quality salt in the world. Workers tend the pools and manually collect the salt to bring back for purification and packaging for widespread use.


OIL ON CANVAS | 30″ x 30″ | June 29th, 2016 CARMEL during January is gloomy and cold in the morning. As the tide recedes, birds sprint down the sands scurrying for insects or small fish.


OIL ON CANVAS | 24″ x 36″ | July 11th, 2015

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Endangered pint-sized birds with a distinctive orange beak called puffins occupy the rocky cliffs on puffin island. Puffin island is shown here in the distance from the Ring of Kerry.


OIL ON CANVAS | 24″ x 36″ | August 25th, 2014
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SITUATED north of the Adriatic Sea lies the city of Rovinj. Rovinj is located on the Istrian Penninsula and remains a coveted destination by artists and romantics in Croatia.


OIL ON CANVAS | 24″ x 36″ | April 11th, 2014 Click Here to order a Print of "Marienplatz Tower"THE Marienplatz square located in Munich, Germany is named after the Mariensaule, a tower which features an ornate clock with life-sized moving figures from a medieval jousting tournament and “Schafflertanz” dance. The Gothic architecture made me think of these almost daunting steeples featured in Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” which inspired me to similarly stylize the sky.